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"Land of winds" takes a break and will be back in January 2015, starting its fifth year. In the meanwhile, we invite you to check the archive with our 20 previous issues.

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Winds of a land of windsLand of winds. Table of contents
Introduction to Andean music
Issue 01

Andean music Bolivia
Issue 02

Andean music in Ecuador
Issue 03

Andean music in Argentina
Issue 04

Andean music in Peru
Issue 05

Andean music in Colombia
Issue 06

Andean music in Chile
Issue 07

Bolivia: Quechua communities
Issue 08

Bolivia: Aymara communities
Issue 09

Chile and Argentina: Mapuche communities
Issue 10

The Andean Carnival
Issue 11

Afro-Bolivian music
Issue 12

Introduction to the sikuris music
Issue 13

The quena: its music and its performers
Issue 14

The charango: its music and its performers
Issue 15

The guitarra, the guitarrón and the tiple
Issue 16

Harps and violins in the Andes
Issue 17

Andean music outside the Andes | Chaya in La Rioja
Issue 18

Andean fusions | Music in Tarija
Issue 19

Pífanos and chirimías
Issue 20
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Issue 21 (Jan.-Feb. 2015)

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