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Those who play Andean music, those who dream, write and compose it. The people who sing it, who shape it, who make it peal out, who whisper it or shout it out. The itinerant artists who travel across countries and continents with their instruments on the back and the art in their hands. Groups and soloists, communities and schools, singers and instrumentalists, anonymous or well-known: all of them are the main characters of this section. Here you will find some of their adventures on the stages and in the streets, their sources of inspiration and their contributions.

Performers – Table of contents

Issue 20 (Jul.-Aug. 2014) – Pífanos & chirimías

Classic group: Conjunto Alma Caucana • New group: Banda de Flautas Chicha y Guarapo • Composers and performers: Ennio Vivas

Issue 19 (May.-Jun. 2014) – Andean fusions | Music of Tarija

Classic group: Alborada (Peru) • New group: Killary • Composers and performers: Manuel Miranda

Issue 18 (Mar.-Apr. 2014) – Andean music outside the Andes | Chaya in La Rioja

Classic group: Incantation • New group: Kullawas • Composers and performers: Jorge Milchberg

Issue 17 (Jan.-Feb. 2014) – Harps and violins in the Andes

Classic group: Andrés Lares León • New group: Laura Pacheco • Composers and performers: Máximo Damián Huamaní

Issue 16 (Sep.-Oct. 2013) – The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Classic group: Raúl García Zárate y Francisco Benavides Caro • New group: Ricardo Villanueva • Composers and performers: Javier Echecopar Mongilardi

Issue 15 (Jul.-Aug. 2013) – The charango: its music and its performers

Classic group: Mauro Núñez Cáceres • New group: Adriana Lúbiz • Composers and performers: William Ernesto Centellas

Issue 14 (Mar.-Apr. 2013) – The quena: its music and its performers

Classic group: Raymond Thevenot and Gilbert Favre • New group: Micaela Chauque and Mariana Cayón • Composers and performers: Uña Ramos and Jorge Cumbo

Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 2013) – Introduction to the sikuris music

Classic group: Sicuris Qhantati Ururi de Conima • New group: Conjunto de Zampoñas "Josafat Roel Pineda" de Lima • Composers and performers: Melodies sellers

Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 2012) – Afro-Bolivian music

Classic group: Hiru Hicho • New group: Saya Afroboliviana Mauchi • Composers and performers: Alfonso Zabala Pinedo

Issue 11 (Jul.-Aug. 2012) – The Andean Carnival

Classic group: Lira Paucina • New group: Luna Jujeña • Composers and performers: Víctor Quispe

Issue 10 (May.-Jun. 2012) – Music of the Mapuche communities of Chile and Argentina

Classic group: Conjunto Aflaiai • New group: Wechekeche Ñi Trawün • Composers and performers: José Railef Calfin

Issue 09 (Mar.-Apr. 2012) – Music of the Aymara communities of Bolivia

Classic group: Awatiñas • New group: Conjunto Autóctono Sikuris Mallkus de Taypi Ayca • Composers and performers: Mario Porfirio Gutiérrez

Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec. 2011) – Music of the Quechua communities of Bolivia

Classic group: Norte Potosí • New group: Dúo Takiytinku • Composers and performers: Alejandro Cámara

Issue 07 (Sep.-Oct. 2011) – Andean music of Chile

Classic group: Los Jaivas • New group: Las Capitalinas • Composers and performers: Patricio Manns

Issue 06 (Jul.-Ago. 2011) – Andean music of Colombia

Classic group: Chimizapagua • New group: Niyireth Alarcón • Composers and performers: Cantalicio Rojas

Issue 05 (May.-Jun. 2011) – Andean music of Peru

Classic group: Wayanay • New group: Dámaris Mallma • Composers and performers: Manuelcha Prado

Issue 04 (Mar.-Apr. 2011) – Andean music of Argentina

Classic group: Markama • New group: Mariana Carrizo • Composers and performers: Ricardo Vilca and Fortunato Ramos

Issue 03 (Jan.-Feb. 2011) – Andean music of Ecuador

Classic group: Jatari • New group: Mariela Condo • Composers and performers: Enrique Males

Issue 02 (Sep.-Oct. 2010) – Andean music of Bolivia

Classic group: Los Kjarkas • New group: Agrupación Quiabaya • Composers and performers: Ernesto Cavour Aramayo

Issue 01 (Jul.-Aug. 2010) – The music of the Andes

Classic group: Illapu • New group: Yarina • Composers and performers: Roberto Márquez Bugueño

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