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Andean instruments, though very little-known by a large majority, are undoubtedly one of the fundamental pillars of Andean music. Becoming familiar with their qualities and their astounding diversity reveals the creative and artistic possibilities of this kind of music. This knowledge also allows a deeper insight into the meaning of each cane and each drum skin in a certain community. For the many different peoples that make and play these instruments retell their history and traditions through them, as well as using them to explain their interpretation of the world and the significance of life.

It is about discovering each instrument, the way it is constructed and performed, its legends and customs, its taboos... But more than anything, it is about its magic — the secret power of captivating a great number of people all over the world, even nowadays.

Instruments – Table of contents

Issue 20 (Jul.-Aug. 2014) – Pífanos & chirimías

Instruments: Andean aerophones (08): transverse flutes • Instrument: Gaita of Otavalo

Issue 19 (May.-Jun. 2014) – Andean fusions | Music of Tarija

Instruments: Andean instruments: Borrowings, adaptations and innovations • Instrument: "Andean" saxes and clarinets

Issue 18 (Mar.-Apr. 2014) – Andean music outside the Andes | Chaya in La Rioja

Instruments: Andean chordophones (04): plucked instruments • Instrument: The bandurria cusqueña

Issue 17 (Jan.-Feb. 2014) – Harps and violins in the Andes

Instruments: Andean chordophones (03): harps from the Andes • Instrument: The Andean violin

Issue 16 (Sep.-Oct. 2013) – The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Instruments: Andean chordophones (02): the guitar and its tunings • Instrument: The tiple

Issue 15 (Jul.-Aug. 2013) – The charango: its music and its performers

Instruments: Andean chordophones (01): charangos • Instrument: The khonkhota

Issue 14 (Mar.-Apr. 2013) – The quena: its music and its performers

Instruments: Andean aeorphones (07): "rural" quenas • Instrument: The quenacho and the quenali

Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 2013) – Introduction to the sikuris music

Instruments: Andean aerophones (06): tropas of sikus • Instrument: The tablasiku

Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 2012) – Afro-Bolivian music

Instruments: Andean membranophones: general comments • Instrument: The drums of the saya

Issue 11 (Jul.-Aug. 2012) – The Andean Carnival

Instruments: Andean aerophones (05): tropas (groups) of tarkas • Instrument: Tarkas and anatas

Issue 10 (May.-Jun. 2012) – Music of the Mapuche communities of Chile and Argentina

Instruments: Andean aerophones (04): natural horns • Instrument: The trutruka and the ñolkiñ

Issue 09 (Mar.-Apr. 2012) – Music of the Aymara communities of Bolivia

Instruments: Andean aerophones (03): small pinkillos • Instrument: The alma pinkillo or muquni

Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec. 2011) – Music of the Quechua communities of Bolivia

Instruments: Andean aerophones (02): large pinkillos • Instrument: The senqatanqana

Issue 07 (Sep.-Oct. 2011) – Andean music of Chile

Instruments: Andean aerophones (01): ensembles of notched flutes • Instrument: Lichiguayos

Issue 06 (Jul.-Ago. 2011) – Andean music of Colombia

Instruments: Andean idiophones: General comments • Instrument: Maracas

Issue 05 (May.-Jun. 2011) – Andean music of Peru

Instruments: Andean chordophones: General comments • Instrument: Andean harp

Issue 04 (Mar.-Apr. 2011) – Andean music of Argentina

Instruments: Andean aerophones: Current distribution • Instrument: The erque

Issue 03 (Jan.-Feb. 2011) – Andean music of Ecuador

Instruments: Andean aerophones: History (2) • Instrument: The rondador

Issue 02 (Sep.-Oct. 2010) – Andean music of Bolivia

Instruments: Andean aerophones: History (1) • Instrument: The siku

Issue 01 (Jul.-Aug. 2010) – The music of the Andes

Instruments: Andean instruments • Instrument: The quena

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