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A description of the many peoples of the Andes region —true and sole architects of the music— should include, besides their traditions (see), their language and their culture as well. This does not mean to consider only indigenous languages and the Spanish varieties spoken in each country, but also to think about other cultural features such as gastronomy, clothing, manners and ways of living, family structure, social roles, life cycles and stages, traditional trades or housing. Taking stanzas and verses of illustrative songs as a starting point, the articles included in this section will attempt to make fragments of this reality known.

The people – Table of contents

Issue 20 (Jul.-Aug. 2014) – Pífanos & chirimías

Culture: The Misak or Guambiano • Language: The Yanacona language

Issue 19 (May.-Jun. 2014) – Andean fusions | Music of Tarija

Culture: Chapaca traditions • Language: Spanish of Tarija

Issue 18 (Mar.-Apr. 2014) – Andean music outside the Andes | Chaya in La Rioja

Culture: Culture of Argentine Northwest • Language: Northwest Argentine Spanish

Issue 17 (Jan.-Feb. 2014) – Harps and violins in the Andes

Culture: The Saraguro • Language: Pre-Incan languages of Ecuador

Issue 16 (Sep.-Oct. 2013) – The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Culture: Popular singers from the southern Andes • Language: Luthiers and violeros

Issue 15 (Jul.-Aug. 2013) – The charango: its music and its performers

Culture: Traditions entangled with strings • Language: Of charangas and charrangos

Issue 14 (Mar.-Apr. 2013) – The quena: its music and its performers

Culture: Quena players • Language: The origin of a term

Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 2013) – Introduction to the sikuris music

Culture: Flute players communities • Language: Sikuri vocabulary

Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 2012) – Afro-Bolivian music

Culture: Afro-Bolivian people • Language: Afro-Bolivian Spanish

Issue 11 (Jul.-Aug. 2012) – The Andean Carnival

Culture: Carnival traditions • Language: Carnival vocabulary

Issue 10 (May.-Jun. 2012) – Music of the Mapuche communities of Chile and Argentina

Culture: Argentinean Mapuches • Language: Huilliche

Issue 09 (Mar.-Apr. 2012) – Music of the Aymara communities of Bolivia

Culture: The Bolivian Aymara • Language: The Aymara

Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec. 2011) – Music of the Quechua communities of Bolivia

Culture: The Yampara or Tarabuco people • Language: The Bolivian Quechua

Issue 07 (Sep.-Oct. 2011) – Andean music of Chile

Culture: The Mapuche • Language: The Mapudungu

Issue 06 (Jul.-Aug. 2011) – Andean music of Colombia

Culture: The Nasa or Páez people • Language: Languages of the Colombian Andes

Issue 05 (May.-Jun. 2011) – Andean music of Peru

Culture: The Q'eros • Language: Variants of Peruvian Quechua

Issue 04 (Mar.-Apr. 2011) – Andean music of Argentina

Culture: The Kolla • Language: Argentinean Quichua

Issue 03 (Jan.-Feb. 2011) – Andean music of Ecuador

Culture: The Caranqui or Karanki • Language: Ecuadorian Quichua

Issue 02 (Sep.-Oct. 2010) – Andean music of Bolivia

Culture: The Chipaya • Language: Chipaya language

Issue 01 (Jul.-Aug. 2010) – The music of the Andes

Culture: Andean culture • Language: Andean languages

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