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Rhythms portray the pulse of Andean music, its heartbeat. This beating provides the tempo, speed and measurement, the frame where melodic threads are woven. On the other hand, styles dictate which instruments have to be performed, which harmonies have to be used and where the sounds and silences must be placed. Finally, dances —performed by dancers and/or the musicians themselves, whose steps and moves are embellished with bright and colourful clothings and amazing accessories— show how the spirit of Andean people trembles in this musical breeze.

Articles in this section will briefly describe and discuss the elements mentioned above. The illustrative multimedia files (videos and pictures) included will help you get a closer approach to these wonderful cultural expressions.

Rhythms and styles – Table of contents

Issue 20 (Jul.-Aug. 2014) – Pífanos & chirimías

Rhythm: Incan Fox • Style: Colombian Pasillo • Dance: Zapateo

Issue 19 (May.-Jun. 2014) – Andean fusions | Music of Tarija

Rhythm: Tonadas chapacas • Style: Cueca chapaca • Dance: Rueda chapaca

Issue 18 (Mar.-Apr. 2014) – Andean music outside the Andes | Chaya in La Rioja

Rhythm: Traditional chaya • Style: "Modern" chaya • Dance: Chaya

Issue 17 (Jan.-Feb. 2014) – Harps and vilins in the Andes

Rhythm: Huaylía • Style: Chimayche • Dance: Llaqtamaqta

Issue 16 (Sep.-Oct. 2013) – The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Rhythm: Torbellino • Style: Huayno ayacuchano • Dance: Huaconada de Mito

Issue 15 (Jul.-Aug. 2013) – The charango: its music and its performers

Rhythm: Yaraví • Style: Huayno k'alampeado • Dance: Jiyawa

Issue 14 (Mar.-Apr. 2013) – The quena: its music and its performers

Rhythm: Tunantada • Style: K'achampa • Dance: Qhapaq ch'unchu

Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 2013) – Introduction to the sikuris music

Rhythm: Passacaglia • Style: Sikumoreno • Dance: Ayarachi

Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 2012) – Afro-Bolivian music

Rhythm: Saya • Style: Caporal • Dance: Morenada

Issue 11 (Jul.-Aug. 2012) – The Andean Carnival

Rhythm: Carnavalito cruceño • Style: Carnaval de Arapa • Dance: Pandilla puneña

Issue 10 (May.-Jun. 2012) – Music of the Mapuche communities of Chile and Argentina

Rhythm: Ülkantun • Style: Longkomew • Dance: Choike pürrün

Issue 09 (Mar.-Apr. 2012) – Music of the Aymara communities of Bolivia

Rhythm: Waka waka • Style: Sikuri de Italaque • Dance: Llamerada or qarwani

Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec. 2011) – Music of the Quechua communities of Bolivia

Rhythm: Tonada potosina • Style: Jula jula • Dance: Salaque

Issue 07 (Sep.-Oct. 2011) – Andean music of Chile

Rhythm: Cueca • Style: Cueca nortina • Dance: Cachimbo

Issue 06 (Jul.-Aug. 2011) – Andean music of Colombia

Rhythm: Bambuco • Style: Sanjuanero • Dance: Guabina

Issue 05 (May.-Jun. 2011) – Andean music of Peru

Rhythm: Muliza • Style: Chuscada ancashina • Dance: Huaylash

Issue 04 (Mar.-Apr. 2011) – Andean music of Argentina

Rhythm: Bailecito • Style: Zamba "carpera" • Dance: Bailecito

Issue 03 (Jan.-Feb. 2011) – Andean music of Ecuador

Rhythm: Albazo • Style: Danzante and tonada • Dance: Sanjuán and sanjuanito

Issue 02 (Sep.-Oct. 2010) – Andean music of Bolivia

Rhythm: Kantu • Style: "Romantic" kantu • Dance: Kantu

Issue 01 (Jul.-Aug. 2010) – The music of the Andes

Rhythm: Huayno • Style: Carnavalito • Dance: Huayno

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