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Among any people’s traditions there are festivals, beliefs and stories, tales and legends, riddles and lullabies, many of their daily tasks and whatever has passed down from generation to generation as a unique and distinctive feature for those who live it.

Music is a part of the Andean tradition itself, and a very important one, but it also represents an exceptional means to discover other aspects of this extraordinary cultural heritage. For Andean lyrics not only talk about celebrations, mythological beings, local farming customs and many other aspects from daily life: it also describes them in great detail.

Articles in this section will deal with such traditions through Andean songs and sounds, giving you the opportunity to expand the horizon of those musical expressions through knowing the human environment that surrounds and nourish them.

Traditions – Table of contents

Issue 20 (Jul.-Aug. 2014) – Pífanos & chirimías

Festival: Jatun Puncha and Armay Chisi in Imbabura • Legend: Devils and chirimías • Clothing: Cauca's traditional attire

Issue 19 (May.-Jun. 2014) – Andean fusions | Music of Tarija

Festival: Festival of Saint Roque • Legend: The Virgin of Chaguaya • Clothing: The chunchos

Issue 18 (Mar.-Apr. 2014) – Andean music outside the Andes | Chaya in La Rioja

Festival: Chaya in La Rioja • Legend: Chaya and Pujllay • Clothing: Ushutas and other footwear

Issue 17 (Jan.-Feb. 2014) – Harps and violins in the Andes

Festival: Saraguro people's Christmas celebrations • Legend: The tusuq little boy • Clothing: Ecuadorian Andean attire

Issue 16 (Sep.-Oct. 2013) – The guitar, the guitarrón and the tiple

Festival: Carnival of Cajamarca • Legend: The devil's tuning • Clothing: Carrieles and peinillas

Issue 15 (Jul.-Aug. 2013) – The charango: its music and its performers

Festival: All Saints Festival in Aiquile • Legend: Singing quirquinchos • Clothing: Costumes wore by women in Ayacucho

Issue 14 (Mar.-Apr. 2013) – The quena: its music and its performers

Festival: Festival of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo • Legend: Myths of the quena • Clothing: Masks from Cuzco

Issue 13 (Jan.-Feb. 2013) – Introduction to the sikuris music

Festival: The Feast of the Cross • Legend: The legend of the siku • Clothing: The feathers of the suri-sikuris

Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 2012) – Afro-Bolivian music

Festival: San Benito Festival • Legend: Zambo Salvito • Clothing: The saya attire

Issue 11 (Jul.-Aug. 2012) – The Andean Carnival

Festival: Carnival of Chiapa • Legend: The devils of Oruro • Clothing: Carnival masks

Issue 10 (May.-Jun. 2012) – Music of the Mapuche communities of Chile and Argentina

Festival: Ngillatunes and camarucos • Legend: A girl, a boy and a cherrufe • Clothing: Mapuche silverwork

Issue 09 (Mar.-Apr. 2012) – Music of the Aymara communities of Bolivia

Festival: San Pedro de Achacachi: danzantes and pacochis • Legend: Condors and foxes • Clothing: Traditional Aymara attire

Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec. 2011) – Music of the Quechua communities of Bolivia

Festival: The tinku • Legend: The Sirinu • Clothing: Pujllay attire

Issue 07 (Sep.-Oct. 2011) – Andean music of Chile

Festival: La Fiesta de La Tirana • Legend: Kai kai filu • Clothing: Mapuche clothing

Issue 06 (Jul.-Aug. 2011) – Andean music of Colombia

Festival: Carnaval de negros y blancos • Legend: El Dorado • Clothing: Boyacense traditional clothing

Issue 05 (May.-Jun. 2011) – Andean music of Peru

Festival: Andean herranza • Legend: Naymlap, the bird-man • Clothing: The danzaq

Issue 04 (Mar.-Apr. 2011) – Andean music of Argentina

Fetsival: Humahuaca Carnival • Legend: Coquena • Clothing: Poncho

Issue 03 (Jan.-Feb. 2011) – Andean music of Ecuador

Festival: The Corazas Festival • Legend: Taita Imbabura and Mama Cotacachi • Clothing: The Coraza

Issue 02 (Sep.-Oct. 2010) – Andean music of Bolivia

Festival: Alasitas Fair • Legend: The Ekeko • Clothing: The ch'ullu

Issue 01 (Jul.-Aug. 2010) – The music of the Andes

Festival: The festival of Qoyllur Rit'i • Legend: Legend of Manchay puytu • Clothing: Ukukus

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