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Edgardo Civallero - Editor

Edgardo Civallero (Buenos Aires, 1973) started his musical career in 1992, with a like for South American music in general, and a particular interest in Andean sounds.

Since 1994 carries out educational activities (such as didactic concerts or instruments exhibitions) aimed at spreading Andean music and the traditional culture of the Andes. Edgardo has taken part in a number of musical productions with different folkloric groups in Spain and Argentina, and in 2007 recorded his first solo album, "Winds of land of winds" (released under CC license, see), where collects his experiences during twenty years of learning and performing Andean music and presents over half hundred traditional instruments. With a degree in Librarianship and Information Sciences by the National University of Córdoba (Argentina), Edgardo has been engaged in a very wide range of activities as a teacher, editor, researcher and writer, in addition to composer and performer. Currently he maintains the weblog "Bitácora de un músico" (A musician's log) (see) and publishes "Land of winds".

Contact: edgardocivallero (at) gmail (dot) com

Sara Plaza - Editor and translator

Sara Plaza Moreno (Madrid, 1972) developed a great like for Irish Folk through the many teachings that the father of the family she was living with while she was attending and English summer course, offered her on this subject. He made her listen to many LPs and CDs from his music collection, starting from the oldest ones and going on step by step, recording by recording, through waves of immigrants who went on board carrying their music and their memories with them. She was fortunate that he took her to several concerts, helped her understand and translate the lyrics of a number of ancient songs, taught her to work out the record label information, sat her in front of the TV to watch some musical documentaries and introduced her to the reading of "The Rough Guide to Irish Music". Later on, it would be in Argentina where a librarian and Andean musician who set her on the trail of the winds blowing and being blown on both sides of the Andean range. Travelling across the range she learnt to listen to unknown voices, new instruments and different landscapes. Thanks to "Land of winds" she continues enlarging her musical horizon.

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