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    Someone said that the greatest musician of Bolivia was the wind. And he was right. The wind, king of the highland solitudes, queen of the vast horizon. Polishing the mountain peaks, comes down with its fluttering blanket to hold the condors’ flight in its waves; (...) Licks the vicunas’ golden fleece and goes away to return with the murmur of a thousand pipes organ on which eternity plays its melody. Those who have not heard the Bolivian highland wind can neither understand the music that springs from the origins of the world nor perceive its endless beating. Humberto Viscarra Monje. Bolivian musician, composer and poet. In "La zampoña: aerófono boliviano". Ernesto Cavour.

"Land of winds" (ISSN 2173-8696, registered in SafeCreative) was an open-access, bilingual, digital publication that, between 2010 and 2014, came out every month with a vocation for word-spreading. It was aimed at making Andean music known worldwide, presenting not only a whole universe of composers, groups, styles, instruments, rhythms and lyrics, but also the human and natural landscapes where it is performed, the peoples that develop and keep it alive, the customs described through its stanzas and verses, the languages in which it is sang, the dances that go with each tune, the costumes and masks that embellish it, the festivals that provides the setting for the performance... Music is much more than an aesthetic enjoyment, or just a joint project between performers and songs: it is everything covering and surrounding music itself for generations.

This publication wanted to spread and share valuable and useful information for those who were fond of this particular music, as well as provide a starting point for those who were on the threshold of a new experience and wished to step across to know more. The geographic region portrayed by the magazine covered the entire length of South America along the Andean mountain range, which spans from Patagonia to the northernmost foothills area in Colombia, crossing Ecuadorian and Peruvian ranges and the mountain chains, warm valleys and high plains of Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

"Land of winds" was published every two months, and included a number of fixed sections (divided in two parts, published monthly) in which the many facets that make up what has been called "Andean music" were described and briefly analyzed. After issue number 7, “Land of winds” saw a number of changes in both design and content aimed at improving its presentation, structure, internal links and accessibility; however, these changes were not incorporated in the previous issues, which remained as they were first published. Issue number 20 marked the end of the magazine; however, all articles, the sections' tables of contents and the index will remain online as a valuable repository of information.

Due to being Spanish speakers with limited knowledge of English, we apologize in advance for any typographical or grammatical mistakes that we may have committed when translating the magazine's Spanish version into English.

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