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Land of winds > Rhythms and styles > Style | Issue 01. Jul.-Aug.2010
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza


The Argentinian carnavalito (which should not be mistaken for the carnavalito cruceño of eastern Bolivia) is a style of performing the huayno, both as a musical rhythm (see) and as a dance (see).
Its fast and lively pace is mainly characterized by the rhythm of the bombo (drum), which accentuates the strong beats. Guitars and charangos are played to the accompaniment of the bombo, and the accordion, the violin and different notched flutes and panpipes are used as melodic instruments. Generally, the lyrics are cheerful and they are sung in the regional Castilian of north-western Argentina, the region where this style is mostly played.

Video 01. “Amores de primavera”. Gustavo Patiño.
Video 02. “Selección de carnavalitos”. Los Tekis (promotional video).
Video 03. “El humahuaqueño”, traditional Argentinian carnavalito. Músicos Populares Argentinos.
Video 04. “El quebradeño”. Jaime Torres.
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