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Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 01. Jul.-Aug.2010
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

La Asociación Internacional de Músicos Andinos (International Association of Andean Musicians) is a forum where worldwide composers, players and performers can exchange their opinions and ideas. With many branches in different countries, AIMA also works as a meeting point for Andean music enthusiasts, as well as a place where musical productions can be shared and new material showed.

Raíces milenarias
A radio project born in 1996, “Raíces milenarias” has also its own webpage with interviews and latest news regarding Latin American music in general and Andean music in particular, plus valuable reviews on musical productions and presentations.

Archivo de la música andina
A number of webpages belonging to, which presents nine native dances of the Andes. In addition to relevant explanations, the site includes photographs and sound tracks.

Radio Inti Raymi
Online Russian radio station that allows listening to Andean music tracks using a Winamp player.

Website created by Paco Jiménez, Spanish musician from Grenada, on Andean music. It not only contains one of the most complete Andean recordings database, but also includes useful information on rhythms, dances, instruments, Latin American cantatas and South American album graphics.
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