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Land of winds > Music > Lyrics | Issue 03. Jan.-Feb.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Antonio Mocho
(Traditional song of Ecuador)

“Antonio Mocho”, as “Carabuela”, “Chimbaloma” and “Ñuca llacta”, is one of the traditional songs of Ecuador with more versions from groups performing present-day Andean music. It is a sanjuanito sung in Quichua or Kichwa (Quechua dialect spoken in Ecuador). Its lyrics are catchy and easy to remember, though they have been wrongly transcribed on numerous occasions.
Maybe the most widely spread version of “Antonio Mocho” is the one from the group Charijayac, who have included it in at least three of their albums: “Cielo Rosa”, “Made in Ecuador” and “Movimiento Indígena”. The lyrics transcribed below follows the Kichwa current writing rules. Readers should take into account that verb suffix “–kun” is pronounced “–jun”, and sequences like “–nka” and “–nku” sound “–nga” and “–ngu” respectively. Single letters written in brackets are not, usually, pronounced.

Antonio Mocho machashka yallikun (bis)
Rosa Milapa ishtankupi machashka (bis)
Warmita makankapa yallikun (bis)

[Antonio Mocho is drunk.
At Rosa Mila’s local store, he has got drunk.
He is going to beat his wife.]

José Mono machashka harkakun (bis)
Alcalde kani nishpa nin pawakun (bis)
Warmita makashpalla kawsakun (bis)

[José Mono, drunk, he is arresting people.
Saying “I’m the mayor”, he goes jumping.
Just beating his wife, he lives.]

Antonio Mocho machashka yallikun (bis)
Rosa Milapa ishtankupi machashka (bis)
Chucha, karaju nishpa washama(n) yallikun (bis)
Warmita makankapa(k) yallikun... (bis)

[Antonio Mocho is drunk.
At Rosa Mila’s local store he has got drunk.
He is saying “Chucha, carajo” behind others’ back.
He is going to beat his wife...]

Surprisingly, the lyrics of different versions from different groups remain quite faithful to the original. There are, however, slight differences in the pronunciation of Quechua (i.e. the version titled “Las Azucenas” from group Ayopayamanta), and minor changes in its structure (i.e. the chorus by the group Allpa in “Fiesta andina II – Arte quichua”).
Having said this, it is important not to forget that a number of ensembles perform the Andean repertoire depending on what they understood when they first listened to the song, therefore making the usual mistakes and altering its original meaning.

Song. Antonio Mocho (Charijayac, “Made in Ecuador”). At

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