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By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Enrique Males
Enrique Males

Enrique Males is a native singer and song writer from the community of Quinchuquí (province of Imbabura). He is a self-teaching musician with a forty year career behind him and twenty-three albums to his credit (18 LPs and 5 CDs). Describing Males as an artist is both simple and complicated at the same time. It is simple because he is committed to recovering the spirit of pre-Columbian music through his recordings and performances. Working on this line of research he not only plays Pre-Hispanic wind and percussion instruments but also string instruments traditionally used by native Latin Americans. In addition to focusing on Andean music he also explores comprehensively the richness of sounds of different native cultures from southern and central America. However, the explanation becomes more and more complicated when Males, far from resigning himself to the sounds, the rhythms and the instruments, tries to present the philosophy and meaning behind them and the music they produce. He does so from his particular point of view: an “ethnic” and modern “indigenous” approach which tackles subjects such as Mother Earth and spiritual beliefs which are by no means clear from his stylized perspective and they are not easy to understand by the smartest of us.
His profile on MySpace provides the following information:
“Enrique Males and Patricia Gutiérrez [his partner] fuse ethno-contemporary music, dance and poetry. They get inspiration from natural elements, mythological characters and the ongoing struggle to claim the right to the heritage of the peoples. Songs and elegies celebrating nature; ancient voices and sounds; socially, spiritually and politically committed singing. Dances ranging from the tenderness of motherhood to the spiritual and cultural strength of our land explained through warlike movements”.
Enrique Males has toured extensively throughout his country, America and Europe, and his music has been used in documentary films, videos and plays. His first album, with Trío Ecuador, was released in 1969. In 1972 he launched “Lamento indio”, and would be followed by “Cantos esclavos” and “Danzas del Pucará” (1973), “Ya no somos nosotros” and “Ñanda Mañachi vol.1” (1978), “Ñanda Mañachi vol.2” and “Quinchuquimanda imbayacuna” (1979), “Música indígena del Ecuador” (1983), “La voz del hombre en quichua” (1984), “La poesía es un arma cargada de futuro” (1987), “Quinientos años de resistencia” (1992), “Música con instrumentos precolombinos” (1993), “Ñaupamanta kausaimanta” (1997), “Allpamanta kausaimanta” (2001), “Miracle of the live” (2003) and “Rumiñahui jatun apu” (2006), among others.
At present, Enrique Males is working on his next album “Semillas de identidad”, and in giving live performances.

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