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Land of winds > Recommended readings > Recommended readings | Issue 03. Jan.-Feb.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Ministerio de Educación del Ecuador [Ministry of Education of Ecuador]
Kichwakunapa yachaykuna [Quichua knowledge]
(Quito: Ministerio de Educación, 2009)
Illustr. – 201 pp.

This is a pdf format book published by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, which can be downloaded for free through the web “Educar Ecuador” (Educating Ecuador). The work includes “several tales, myths and legends collected and organized sometime in the past by institutions heading the support of bilingual education processes”.
It is a compendium of oral tradition in Quichua (or Kichwa) language, transcribed according to current orthographic rules for this Ecuadorian dialect of Quechua. The work does not have any corresponding translation within the text: the stories are written in their original form, organized in a number of sections titled Rimaykuna (Tales), Ñawpa Rimaykuna (Old tales), Alli Kaymanta (About health), Iñinakuna (Beliefs), Kunaykuna (Advises), Takikuna (Songs), Arawikuna (Poems), Imashikuna (Riddles), Yachay Nikkuna (Sayings), and Muskuykunamanta (About dreams).
Among the tales it is worth mentioning “Kuyllur Ñañakunamanta”, the account of two star-women who descended to the earth and married two brothers, a tale heard uncountable times among other native peoples of South America. And it can also be emphasized the lullaby titled “Llullu Wawakuman Taki”:
Wawa, wawa puñuy (Go to sleep, little child) / mana puñukpi (if you do not) / kukuchi hapinka (the Cuco will catch you) / karuman apasha rinkami (and will take you away) / Llulluku puñunki (If you do, sweet little one) / manakpi supay mikunka (the devil won’t eat you).
The book is complemented by two other free download works, also available on the website “Educar Ecuador”: the “Gramática Pedagógica Kichwa” (Kichwa Pedagogical Grammar) and the “Diccionario Kichwa” (Kichwa Dictionary), both of which allow a deeper approach to the language and, therefore, to the immense wealth of old and new knowledge it codifies.

Free download link (Educar Ecuador)
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