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Land of winds > Music > Song | Issue 03. Jan.-Feb.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Latitud cero
(R. and F. Clemente. On “Zig zag vol.2”, Trencito de los Andes, 1993).

“Latitud cero” is a sanjuanito componed by the Italian group Trencito de los Andes. It was one of the most famous songs to emerge from the album “Zig zag, vol.2” and become so popular than many Ecuadorian musicians consider it as a traditional tune rerecorded by the Italians instead of as new staff created by them and self-released.
The song is performed as the typical brass band entertaining Andean communities celebrations, includes the lyrics in Quechua and says:

Karupi chirishpa / (sh)ay, kununashkaypa / ay, punchuy kapuwan / ay, llama chompapash.
Karupi chirishpa / (sh)ay, kununashkaypa / anaku kapuwan / ay, millma chalina.
Ay, pichuy jawapi / camiseta churasha. / Ay, patsak tintakunawan / punchayachinka.
Kay camisetapi / killkashpa nishpa nin: / Ay, ¡que viva Ecuador! / Ay, ¡latitud cero!

Far away, it goes below freezing / oh!, to be warm enough / oh!, I have my poncho / oh!, and a llama (wool) sweater.
Far away, it goes below freezing / oh!, to be warm enough / oh!, I have my skirt / oh!, (and) a woollen scarf.
Oh, to keep my chest warm / I’ll put on an undershirt / Oh!, with a hundred colours / it will shine.
On this undershirt / it is printed: / Oh, ¡que viva Ecuador! (hooray for Ecuador) / Oh, ¡latitud cero! (latitude zero)

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