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Land of winds > Perfomers > New group | Issue 03. Jan.-Feb.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Mariela Condo
Mariela Condo

Mariela Condo is a native woman from the region of Chimborazo, who belongs to the Puruhá ethnic group. Her professional career started in 1992 when she took part in the children’s program “Travesura libre” (“Free prank”) broadcasted on the Escuelas Radiofónicas de Ecuador (Radio Schools of Ecuador). She continued participating in several choirs and ensembles and in 2008 released her first album, “Shuk shimi, waranka shimi” (in Ecuadorian Quechua, “One language, a thousand languages”).
This recording merges traditional music sung in Quechua with jazz and bossa nova, and Mariela Condo’s absolutely wonderful voice shines on every track showing her extraordinary skills as a soloist. The album’s apparent simplicity and bareness hide careful arrangements and a perfect instrumental performance both of which captivate the listeners and keep them engrossed throughout. Truly, it’s a gem which forebodes a successful future.

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