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Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 03. Jan.-Feb.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Educar Ecuador (Educating Ecuador)
Known as “El Portal de la Innovación” (The Innovation Portal), it is a website maintained by the Ministry of Education of Ecuador where visitors may find valuable digital contents aimed at supporting and providing all sorts of information to the teaching staff of the Andean nation.
Section “Educación Intercultural y Etnoeducación” (Intercultural Education and Etnoeducation) provides a list of free download books with pdf version. There are some titles on this list that are worth reading if you want to deepen your Kichwa knowledge, for example the “Gramática Pedagógica Kichwa” (Kichwa Pedagogical Grammar), the “Diccionario Kichwa” (Kichwa Dictionary) and the “Manual de Metodología Enseñanza Kichwa” (Kichwa Teaching Methods Manual). In addition, you will find other literary gems such as “Taruka. La Venada”, a collection of tales taken from the Quichua oral tradition of the Ecuadorian Sierra, and the book “Kichwakunapa yachaykuna”.

Orquesta de Instrumentos Andinos (OIA, Andean Instruments Orchestra)
The OIA dates back to 1990 and is the only of its sort: an orchestra that consists of more than thirty players of traditional Andean instruments of Ecuador who perform pieces covering a wide range of styles, from European classics (Bach, Mozart, Beethoven) to Ecuadorian and Latin American popular music.
For over twenty years they have released four albums and won a number of prizes, and have never stopped giving performances both inside the country and abroad. At present the OIA is managed by the Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre (Sucre National Theatre Foundation), and belongs to the Municipio del Distrito Metropolitano de Quito (Quito Metropolitan District Council).

Radio Ilumán
Labelled as “the intercultural voice”, this Ecuadorian FM and online radio station broadcasts from the village of Ilumán. In addition to spread traditional and popular music of the region, it also works as a communication channel among the geographically dispersed communities located in the area.

Ecuador. Terra incognita
A magazine devoted to various topics concerning Ecuador and its natural, socio-political and cultural environment, grouped in monographic issues. The website only includes summaries of the full-text articles published in the print version, however, it provides an interesting approach to the different Andean nation realities.

Música y recuerdos (Music and memories)
Alex Cazaro’s personal blog aimed at spreading and sharing modern and traditional Ecuadorian music recordings, in either of its aspects: Andean, Creole or coastal version.
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