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Land of winds > Traditions > Clothing | Issue 03. Jan.-Feb.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

The Coraza

The main character of the Corazas Festival wears a very peculiar formal dress. Both his shoes and his trousers are white, adorned with imitation gold leaves, precious stones, and ribbons. Over his starched white shirt he wears the “chusma”, a satin white robe also adorned with metal leaves to create beautiful random colourful patterns.
Over the “chusma” he wears the “gola”, similar to a short cloth necklace embellished with pearls, mullos (winkles), sequins and ribbons, and over the “gola” a tie, usually in blue, with sequins, mullos and pearls embroidered.
His shirt sleeves are covered by over sleeves adorned with small mirrors, and his hands, by white gloves. With them he grabs a sceptre and an umbrella that remains open while he goes horseback riding.
The character’s most outstanding feature rests over his headscarf: a wool hat known as uma (Quechua for “head”). Its shape reminds that of a helmet curved like an inverted half-moon, crowned by several colourful feather crests. The Coraza’s face is almost concealed from view behind the numerous narrow chains, earrings, and gold coins that hang from the uma.

Picture 01. Head’s detail.
Picture 02. On horseback.
Picture 03. Standing.
Picture 04. General.
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