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Land of winds > Recommended readings > Recommended readings | Issue 04. Mar.-Apr.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Rubén Pérez Bugallo
Catálogo ilustrado de instrumentos musicales argentinos [Illustrated catalogue of Argentinean musical instruments]
(Buenos Aires: Ediciones del Sol, 1996)
Illustr. – 164 pp.

Musicologist Rubén Pérez Bugallo is the author of one of the few word-spreading works on Argentinean traditional and popular instruments. This “Catálogo ilustrado” is divided into two sections: “Instrumentos del ámbito criollo” (Instruments within the criollo sphere) “Instrumentos del ámbito indígena” (Instruments within the native sphere), and each one is, in turn, subdivided into different families: idiophones, membranophones, chordophones and aerophones.
Each instrument’s review is presented in a consistent, informative and understandable format including a detailed description, different ways of construction and performance and its historical context. As a curiosity, most of the instruments included in the “criollo” (creole) section belong to the Andean region, while “native” (indigenous) ones come from the country’s northern and north-eastern parts covered with rainforest.
Despite its brevity and small size, “Catálogo ilustrado” by Pérez Bugallo is an excellent means of approaching the sound reality of Argentina, a large country very rich in cultural and natural diversity.

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