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Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 05. May.-Jun.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Instituto de Etnomusicología
The Instituto de Etnomusicología (IDE, Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, PUCP) was founded in 1985 under the name of Archivo de Música Tradicional Andina (AMTA, Archives of Traditional Andean Music) with the support of the private Ford Foundation. The Institute was firstly placed under the administrative cover of the university’s Riva-Agüero Institute, and responded to the aim of preserving sound recordings obtained on site, in the Peruvian Andes, by the Institute’s researches. In time, the Institute envisions the extension of its activities and, besides continuing its primary role as a depository of original materials, carries out new research projects and in 1998 is renamed as Centro de Etnomusicología Andina (CEA, Center of Andean Ethnomusicology). The center acquires administrative autonomy and independence in 2006 and becomes the Institute of Ethnomusicology and is dedicated to explore, preserve and promote the Andean musical heritage of Peru.

Música del Perú
This website, included in the IDE’s portal, presents very interesting graphic and sound materials related to traditional music of Peru in general (geographically divided in three areas: the coast, the sierra and the rainforest) and Andean sounds in particular.

Multilingual website that offers a variety of contents about Quechua language, with a special emphasis on the different variants spoken in Peru (such as cusqueño, ancashino, ayacuchano and huanca). The site includes texts, vocabularies, alphabets and educational materials to learn this indigenous language, which, at present, is spoken by more than three million people in the country.

Música coronguina
This is an impeccable weblog containing complete collections of music from the Ancash department in general and the province of Corongo in particular. In addition to videos, artists and their work presentations and online mp3 players with valuable audio examples, you can find links to other blogs featuring photographs and providing interesting commentary on the region.

Rincón del huayno
Website on both traditional and modern Peruvian music. Although its visual quality is not very good, the site includes rich sound materials. The Peruvian huaynos are classified in different categories (e.g. from the southern region, from Cusco, featuring the harp, featuring the requinto), within which artists are listed and their videos can be accessed. An excellent starting point for those interested in getting an insight into the musical diversity of the Peruvian Sierra while listening to its exponents.
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