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Land of winds > Music > Song | Issue 05. May.-Jun.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

(Traditional. Included in “Selección de huaynos”. On the album “Adiós, pueblo de Ayacucho”, Ángel Bedrillana, 2006).

“Apanqoraycha” is a good example (though not the most popular) of the music and singing performed in the Central Sierra of Peru, especially in Ayacucho and Huancavelica departments. Ángel Bedrillana, the performer, sings in the form of Quechua used in the region of Ayucucho with the accompaniment of guitars. Although in this region the instruments commonly used are mostly the harp and the violin, there is also a great guitar tradition that runs through the history of its music as it has been spread by Manuelcha Prado and others. In this sense Peruvian huaynos are different from Bolivian and Ecuadorian ones, for there is a stronger presence of traditional wind instruments in both latter cases.
“Apanqoraycha” is included in a selection of huaynos equally traditional: “Ica kukuli” (in Quechua, “Turtledove of Ica”) and “Qaqawayu” (the Quechua name for an epiphyte or air plant with beautiful trumpet-like flowers).
The title of the song, literally “My little spider”, refers to the apanqura, a type of spider similar to the tarantula which is present in many Quechua songs of these regions. It is usually symbolically linked with the loss of love, the yearning for death and being an orphan.
The lyrics are:

Apanquraycha, aparqullaway chay chayman. / Chaychayllapiña wañukamusaq sapaypi.
Purun rumichu, purun sachachu karqani / mana mamayuq, mana taytayuq kanaypaq?

[My little spider, take me far away. / Just there I will die in my solitude.
Am I a lifeless stone, an infertile tree / to live without mother or father?]

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About “Apanqoraycha”. Manrique Gálvez, Edwin. Huayronqos e ima sapras en la vida y obra de Arguedas (Huayronqos and ima sapras in Arguedas’ life and work) [es].
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