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Land of winds > Rhythms and styles > Style | Issue 05. May.-Jun.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Chuscada ancashina

This is a variant of popular huayno played in the Ancash department, which is much livelier than the latter. According to writer Willian Tamayo Ángles, the Liberator Simón Bolívar would have seen several couples of farmers dancing the huayno while he was travelling from Caraz to Yungay at the end of June in 1824 and said “¡Qué bella chuscada!” (What a beautiful chuscada!), “chuscada” meaning a sort of beauty in which there is also gracefulness and craftiness, in the Venezuelan language of that time. The name of this variant would therefore derive from Bolívar’s expression.
The chuscada ancashina or huayno ancashino has as many sub genres as the number of villages in this region (huayno of Huaraz, of Yungay, of Caraz, de Pomabamba...).
Its best known performers were the Conjunto Musical Atusparia, María Alvarado Trujillo (“Pastorita Huaracina”), Angélica Harada Vásquez (“Princesita de Yungay”) and Ernesto Sánchez Fajardo (“Jilguero del Huascarán”).

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Video 01. “Chuscada ancashina”, by Trío Melodías de Pomabamba.
Video 02. “Suakuchi”, by Simón Rojas Vidal.
Video 03. “Valle del río Santa”, by Gorrión Andino.
Video 04. “Cuando salí de mi tierra”, by Conjunto Ancashino Atusparia.
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