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By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Dámaris Mallma
Dámaris Mallma

Born in Huancayo in 1986, Dámaris is Saywa’s daughter, artistic name of a recognized Peruvian folkloric singer, Victoria Porras. Dámaris musical career started at the age of seven, when she began to learn charango and later on continued to study traditional singing, music and dances of Peru. She took part in groups such as Yawar, Saywa and Tupay, besides participating in the Coro Andino Juvenil (Andean Youth Choir). In 2001, after several performances and tours, Dámaris started composing and the following year began her higher studies of music and theatre. In 2003 she launched her first album as soloist, “Dame una señal”, which was followed by “Mil caminos” (2007).
In 2008, the song “Tusuy kusun” (“Let’s dance” in Quechua) was awarded with the Gaviota de Plata award at the Viña del Mar Festival. In 2010, along with her mother, Dámaris went on to present the show “Volver a mi tierra” (a concert of Andean and Novoandean music featuring special guests such as José Luis Madueño y el Colectivo Palenke) and one year later took part in the recording of “Pasión por los Andes”, a tribute album to the women that fought for Latin American independence.
Dámaris merges traditional rhythms of the Peruvian Andes with modern styles such as salsa, jazz, rock, dance, etc. A lot of young people love her music: carefully-crafted compositions and modern arrangements of unquestionable originality and quality, which explores paths untrodden by most young folk musicians of Peru.
All in all, this singer is a promising expression of the revival of Peruvian folkloric music.

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Video 01. “Tusuy Kusun”.
Video 02. “Imillitay”.
Video 03. “Palomitay”.
Video 04. “Pukllay”.
Video 05. “Vida” (live).
Video 06. “Poco a poco”. Live (playback).
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