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Land of winds > Music > Novelties | Issue 05. May.-Jun.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

In this issue readers will find the latest works of a group and two soloists who are representative of today’s Andean music of Peru. Broadly speaking, the works of present day Peruvian groups have little in common with the groups of Andean music of a decade before, apart from several instruments commonly used in the Andes (charango, quena, panpipes, Andean harp) and some traditional rhythms (especially the huayno). In general, they have less of “Andean” than of romantic, pop, cumbia, new age and techno music. However, as in other parts of the Andes, it is precisely these artists who have renewed young people’s general liking for their homeland music.

Diosdado Gaitán Castro
Y ahora... qué?
1. Solamente un amor – 2. Penas en el alma – 3. Mi diccionario – 4. Mala golondrina – 5. Dime la verdad – 6. Tu amor no vale nada – 7. Corazón herido – 8. Falso amor – 9. Terco corazón – 10. Sueño de amor – 11. Engaños traiciones – 12. Nadie me habla de ti – 13. Crónica de amor – 14. Réquiem para un amor
“Y ahora... qué?” is his thirteenth album and was launched at the same time as “DGC llevar”, which explores the so called Peruvian “tropical rhythm”. The tracks included on “Y ahora... qué?” belong to the “modern Peruvian huayno”, a style that resembles a mixture of cumbia, ballad and romantic song with a touch of traditional Peruvian music featuring electronic instruments and Andean harp.
Gaitán Castro’s last work was released very recently, a double DVD titled “Como pez... en el arpa” (2011), where the artist presents his new compositions as a harpist.
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William Luna. María, María
William Luna
María, María
1. Ella es mía – 2. Si la ves – 3. Parquecito Regocijo – 4. El vuelo del kilincho – 5. A las orillas del Vilcanota – 6. En mi tierra es Navidad – 7. Luna, luna – 8. María, maría – 9. Nosotros los tres – 10. Viento y arena – 11. Mi Valentín – 12. ¡Ay, mi mamacita! – 13. Ojalá – 14. Dime destino
William Luna (1969) is a singer from Cusco. As a child he started out on rock and new age music but his musical career took off in 1999 by merging those styles with traditional sounds of his homeland.
The result is captured in seven recordings –the latest of which is “María, María”– with a pop-like sound seasoned with the touch of Andean instruments. On occasions, Luna sings his own modern versions of traditional songs such as “A las orillas del Vilcanota” (included on this album) or his applauded version of the huayno “Valicha” (included on this fifth album, “Hasta el final”, 2005).
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Los Chopkjas. A flor de piel
Los Chopkjas
A flor de piel
1. A flor de piel – 2. Amantes perfectos – 3. Dos corazones – 4. Solo tú – 5. Juré olvidarte – 6. No me busques – 7. Ya no! – 8. Compárame – 9. Cosa delicada – 10. Falso juramento – 11. Sillamula – 12. Mix tropical
Los Chopkjas (formerly known as “Expresión Wayanay”) appeared in 1993, after his founder, César Tovar Valera, left the original line up of Wayanay. Since then, the group has recorded six albums, the latest of which is titled “A flor de piel”.
Their style swung between the traditional music of Huancavelica (Peru department where most of their members come from) and the romantic sounds very much in fashion among the Andean Peruvian groups closer to the pop ballad that to the huayno.
“A flor de piel” includes eight compositions by César Tovar Valera, some of them with a slight traditional twist such as “Amantes perfectos”, “Falso juramento” or “Cosa delicada”, while others are adaptations of native songs like the almost unrecognizable “Sillamula”. The rest of the tracks are melodic and range from the “sayas” (“Ya no!”, “Dos corazones”) to the sickly sweet ballad (”Sólo tú”).
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