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Land of winds > Music > Song | Issue 06. Jul.-Aug.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

(Pelón Santamarta – Miguel Agudelo)

“Antioqueñita” (literally, young woman from Antioquía) is one of the best known bambucos of Colombia and the most emblematic piece of music from the department of Antioquía. The lyrics were written by Miguel Agudelo and the music, by famous composer Pelón Santamarta, a tailor and a musician native to Medellín whose real name was Pedro León Franco.
Santamarta was the one who disseminated the bambuco and the use of the tiple, either in Colombia and abroad. He created several duets and trios before joining another tailor to form the Pelón and Marín duet, which popularized the bambuco in Mexico and in great part of Central America.
After the duet broke up, Santamarta went back to Medellín where he worked as a barman and continued making music. It was at that time when he composed “Antioqueñita”, by far his most remembered legacy. Santamarta died in misery and loneliness at an old people’s home in Medellín in 1952.

Antioqueña, que tienes negros los ojos, / el cabello rizado, los labios rojos.
Antioqueñita, antioqueñita, / la palma del desierto no es tan bonita.
Antioqueña, que vives cerca a los montes / donde son más inmensos los horizontes,
por ti daría, por ti daría / los sueños más hermosos del alma mía.
Antioqueña, que miras como una diosa / y tienes las mejillas color de rosa.
Por ti se calma, por ti se calma / la tempestad que ruge dentro del alma.
Quien pudiera a tu oído decir ternezas / y en tus brazos librarme de mis tristezas.
Antioqueñita, antioqueñita, / del jardín de Colombia la más bonita

[Antioqueña, you who have black eyes, / curly hair, red lips.
Antioqueñita, antioqueñita, / the palm of the desert is not that pretty.
Antioqueña, you who live near the mountains / where horizons are vaster,
for you I would give, for you I would give / the most beautiful dreams of my soul.
Antioqueña, you who see like a goddess / and have pink coloured cheeks.
For you it becomes calm, for you it becomes calm / the tempest roaring in my heart.
Who were able to say sweet words in your ear / and in your arms be free of my sorrows.
Antioqueñita, antioqueñita, / of the garden of Colombia you are the prettiest.]

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