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Land of winds > Recommended readings > Recommended readings | Issue 06. Jul.-Aug.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

David Puerta Zuluaga
Los caminos del tiple [“The paths of the tiple”]
(Bogotá: Ediciones AMP, 1988)
Ilustr. – (sp.)

The work, awarded in the fourth Contest of National History “Eduardo Santos” in 1985, explores, as its title advances, the routes followed by the ultimate Colombian chordophone: the tiple. The author examines the theories that explain the origins of the instrument; tells about its evolution and changes; and gives an account of compositions and composers, performances and performers, from the early 18th to the 20th century.
The “Luis Ángel Arango” Digital Library, belonging to the Bank of the Republic of Colombia, has not only digitalized the book but also uploaded some fifteen sound examples of bambucos, pasillos and torbellinos, which can be accessed online to enjoy the metallic timbre that characterizes the tiple.

Book, in “Luis Ángel Arango” Digital Library [es].
Music, in “Luis Ángel Arango” Digital Library.
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