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Land of winds > Perfomers > New group | Issue 06. Jul.-Aug.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Niyireth Alarcón
Niyireth Alarcón

Luz Niyireth Alarcón was born in Tarqui, Huila department, and grew up in the Alarcón municipality. There, under her primary school teacher’s guidance, she discovered the traditional music of Colombia and soon after begun her musical career. In 1993 Niyireth came first in the renowned “Mono Núñez” Festival as solo singer. Since then, she has played in some of the most important venues of the country and has represented Colombia at several major music festivals abroad.
She released her first album, “Mujer”, in 1997, which was followed by “De norte a sur” (2000), “Entre mi patria y yo” (2003), “Azul” (2006), “Navidad en América” (2007), “Cantos del camino” (2008, live), “Música colombiana andina” (2009, produced by ARC Music UK) and “Cantos del camino” (2010, studio). Her repertoire includes both classic Colombian Andean rhythms and music from the rest of Latin America. Although she is not very well known in Colombia —a place where Andean music has not reached the same level of popularity as other styles— it seems likely her peculiar voice and the way she interprets the songs she sings will win her recognition in the near future.

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Video 01. “Llano grande”. Live.
Video 02. “Mientras estás ausente”. Live.
Video 03. “Cardo o ceniza”. Live.
Video 04. “Zamba para no morir”. Live.
Video 05. “Ojos de cielo”. Live.
Video 06. “Alpargatas de mi tierra”. Live.
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