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Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 06. Jul.-Aug.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Labelled as “the portal of the Colombian Andean music”, Bandolitis is an independent digital media of cultural communication offering a rich repertoire of online resources: from articles to news reports to multimedia documents (audio and video) dealing with examples and modes of Andean music production in Colombia. In a few years (it appeared in 2005 as a weblog), this site has been able to develop and improve its structure with a radio broadcasting station. Since 2009 it works as an ONG (Bandolitis Foundation).

Revista virtual “Laboratorio cultural”
This is a “virtual magazine of Colombian music” created by the Cultural Laboratory Corporation in 2004. It includes a wide range of musical repertoires (from traditional to modern ones) and styles (from Andean to coastal ones). It is an excellent means for accessing information about the activities carried out by more or less well known groups and their last released works. In addition, it not only includes articles and essays on Colombian music as a social and artistic phenomenon but also supports the National Network of Colombian Traditional Music Festivals.

FunMúsica is the Geneva National Promusic Foundation (Valley of Cauca). Since 1974 it organizes one of the most prestigious Andean music competitions: the Colombian Andean Music Festival “Mono Núñez”, which is held yearly in Geneva. The festival has served as a showcase and a launching platform for Colombian bands and soloists; has revitalized their national Andean music giving it more visibility and spreading it among the young people; and has been the seed many other similar festivals.

Biblioteca [virtual] “Luis Ángel Arango” – Sección Músicaúsica
This digital repository is a programme created in 1996 within the “Luis Ángel Arango” Library, which belongs to the Bank of the Republic of Colombia. It has defined its core aim as: to provide general public with access to part of the country’s bibliographical resources. At present, the “Music” section has a total of 26 works related to both erudite and popular music of Colombia. All of them are open access documents available to free download.

Músicas de Colombia
A weblog dedicated to disseminating different genres of Colombian music (classical, folklore, rock, pop), which provides free downloadable materials. This is doubtless a good starting point to share rhythms and sounds and become familiar with their performers.
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