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Land of winds > Pictures > Pictures | Issue 06. Jul.-Ago.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Andean pictures
The “paisa” region in Colombia is a cultural and geographical area that comprises the departments of Antioquía, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindía, as well as parts of Valle del Cauca and Tolima departments, all of them in the Andean Cordillera. Within its boundaries is included the economic region known as “Eje Cafetero” or “Triángulo del Café” (the Coffee Axis or Coffee Triangle).
The term “paisa” is of popular use as apocope of Spanish “paisano” (one from the same country; a countryman) and in Colombia designates those who come from the “paisa” region. They have a very distinctive accent and use the pronoun “vos” instead of “tú” (you). The “paisas” are said to be thrifty and enterprising as wanderers and lovers of their land. The entire “paisa” region is praised for its beauty and its picturesque and colourful scenery.

The album “Antioquía y el eje cafetero”, by Flickr’s user alejocock, offers an intimate view of this part of Andean Colombia. Album may be accessed by following this link.
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