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Land of winds > Rhythms and styles > Style | Issue 06. Jul.-Ago.2011
By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza


Sanjuanero Style Andean music
Sanjuanero is believed to be a variant of bambuco. Supposedly it was born as an independent style from the song “El Sanjuanero” by Sofía Gaitán Yanguas de Reyes and Anselmo Durán Plazas. Its rhythm is more pronounced than bambuco’s, and its character much livelier. The dance —whose choreography was created by Inés García Durán— is considered to be the most representative of Huila department.


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Video 01. Sanjuanero (dance) 01.
Video 02. Sanjuanero (dance) 02.
Video 03. Sanjuanero, by Juan Mario Cuéllar.
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