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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Las Capitalinas

Las Capitalinas

Appeared in 2001, Las Capitalinas is one of the first girl-groups of “cueca brava”, that is, modern urban cueca. The line-up is formed by Karen Alfaro, Nayadeth Godoy, Leslie Picarte and Valeska Duarte. Up to the present the band has released four records: “Cuecas para Chile” (2001), “Las mejores cuecas” (2004), “También es cueca” (2006), and “En el bar de Verónica” (2009). However, the material included in their last album has little or nothing to do with Chilean folklore.

Regarded as the heirs of the traditional cueca, today’s performers of the “cueca brava” (with all-female bands such as Las Capitalinas and Las Torcazas standing out among the rest) follow in the tradition of Los Chileneros, who revolutionized traditional folklore with their modernist approach. These groups have solidified their place in the Chilean music scene introducing younger public to the folkloric music through its fusion with other styles.

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Video 01. “Amor en lo profundo”.
Video 02. “Recoleta, Carmen, Lira”.
Video 03. “Traté”.
Video 04. “Cueca” (live).

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