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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 07 (Sep.-Oct.2011)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Chilean Andean music

Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino
The webpage of the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, the country’s most important institution when it comes to archaeology and anthropology, provides, besides other information, access to both permanent and temporal collections through digital means. Special mention deserves the room “Andes del Sur” (Southern Andes), where visitors can see real objects inside the showcases (i.e. the Mapuche chemamüll, wooden figures) and read the explanatory notes. In addition, it is possible to access the complete inventory of the Museum’s collection, whether exhibited or not, arranged by geographical area or culture (regarding to the Southern Andes, see this link), visit temporal exhibitions and check useful information on particular subjects such as musical instruments, cave painting and technology. But perhaps the most interesting section is the library, which has been provided with a significant collection for readers to enjoy free access to books in .pdf format, previous issues of the Museum’s Bulletin and its audiovisual archive.

Mú – La enciclopedia de la música chilena en Internet
The digital encyclopaedia of Chilean music is an online repository of information on Chilean music from different decades and genres. The site, funded by the National Council of Culture, is maintained by a group of independent journalists and designers with a special interest in the biographies and discographies of Chilean musicians. Both the “Library” and the “Andean Music” sections are worth having a look at. The latter, though far from exhaustive, includes an array of examples of the genre.

Revista Musical Chilena
This is one of the leading academic publications on music culture in Chile, featuring composers, players and instruments plus a wide range of musical genres from indigenous, folk and traditional to urban and art music. Issues (from volume 50, 1996) can be accessed online through the Biblioteca Científica Scielo Chile (Scientific Electronic Library Online).

Fondo de Investigación y Documentación de Música Tradicional Chilena
The Fondo de Investigación y Documentación “Margot Loyola Palacios” (Collection of Research and Documentation) within the Music Institute of the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso is dedicated to collect and promote traditional Chilean music, especially orally transmitted one. The section “Publicaciones” features several valuable documents, scores and books. This section provides access to part of the documental repository, as well as interesting online education resources.

Música de Chile
This website is dedicated to popular Chilean music and offers songbooks, biographies, sound archives, videos, books and papers in relation to the most famous figures in Chilean folklore and popular song.

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