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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza


(Traditional. On “Tradiciones carnavaleras”, Alejandro Cámara and the group Sayubú, 2002)

The rhythm of this song is that of salaque (or salay) and is inspired by the “Carnaval betanceño” or “Carnaval de Betanzos” (capital city of the province of Cornelio Saavedra, departament of Potosí). The “Carnaval betanceño” brings together local traditional coplas (a poetic form of popular song) sang at that time of the year, and has been played by such famous groups as Savia Andina, Yawar Inka, Inkallajta, Jach’a Mallku and Los Folkloristas, among many others.

Although Alejandro Cámara’s version (accompanied by the group Sayubú) contains a couple of traditional coplas only (one in Spanish and the other in Quechua), it deserves special mention for his superb charango performance, a key instrument within the musical repertoire of northern Potosí.

    Carnaval, carnavalcito, dame tu corazoncito.
    Dame tu corazoncito siquiera por un ratito.

    [Carnival, little carnival, give me your little heart.
    Give me your little heart, at least for a short time.]

    Intiñapis chayamushan. Jatarikuy, imillita.
    Kunan khuska ripusunchiq karu llaqtayman, vidita.

    [The sun is just rising. Get up, little woman.
    Come with me to my far off land, little life.]

Link CD “Tradiciones carnavaleras” [].

Video 01. “Carnaval betanceño”. By Grupo Horizonte.
Video 02. “Carnaval betanceño”. By Los Folkloristas.
Video 03. “Betanceño waway”. By Jach’a Mallku (live).

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