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Dúo Takiytinku

Dúo Takiytinku

Bolivian singer Betty Veizaga was born in 1957. Her career started when she was very young, singing on a local radio children show in the town of Cochabamba and with some of her classmates. In 1980 she joined the group Pukaj Wayra, founded and conducted by Ruffo Zurita, whom she married later on.

Since then, Veizaga has developed parallel careers as soloist, as a member of Pukaj Wayra and dueting with both her daughter Quilla Zurita, and her husband. Alongside Ruffo Zurita she formed “Dúo Takiytinku” (in Quechua language, “singing encounter”), and released several albums. Special mention deserve “Un encuentro de canto tradicional” (2005) and “Soledad” (2010).

The duet features music of the valleys of Potosí (tonadas, salaques, zapateados) including well-known songs such as “Cholita Marina” and coplas (sung in Spanish rather than in the original Quechua). The use of various types of charango does not pass unnoticed and careful listeners will notice how different tunings and strings change the sound.

Dúo Takiytinku draws on the folkloric heritage of the Quechua communities of Bolivia and seeks to bring it to the audience with a unique touch to make it contemporary and easy listening.

Betty Veizaga Siles, in Wikipedia [es].
Link CD “Un encuentro de canto tradicional” [].

Video 01. “Viditay”.
Video 02. “Menú kochalo”.
Video 03. “Papacito”.
Video 04. “Cholita Marina”.
Video 05. “El gatillo”.

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