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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec.2011)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Quechua communities of Bolivia
As suggested by its name, this website provides an overview of the tinku ritual (in Quechua “meeting/encounter”) besides facilitating access to materials related to both its history (origins and development) and its meaning, as well as descriptions of the dance (choreography and characters) and its costumes. Visitors will also be able to read on a number of controversies regarding the practice of this ceremony, which has been subject to criticism and condemnation for its alleged “brutality”.

Sociedad Boliviana del Charango
SBC’s official website allows visitors access to several information resources related to this Andean traditional chordophone and its most famous and renowned players. The reader who may be interested on the subject will find research materials on the history of the charango and its various uses throughout Bolivia, as well as the latest news on different events, including concerts, exhibitions and conferences.

Charangueadas de Bolivia
This weblog provides access to an (always) updated collection of videos of Bolivian huaynos (musical genre) and charangos. Among the most remarkable ones are those dedicated to the Quechua communities of Bolivia, famous for their peculiar style of playing these chordophones.

Gobierno Municipal de Tarabuco
Yampara people “capital city”, the town of Tarabuco is the location for the annual celebration of the pujllay festival, the Carnival of Tarabuco. The Town Council’s website includes a section focussed on the description of the celebration and the characterization of those who take part in it, but also of the textiles exhibited at the festival.

Inca Pallay (Los Jalq’as)
“Inca Pallay” is an organization without profit-making objectives which markets textiles
made by the Bolivian native groups Jalq’a and Tarabuco (Yampara). Their website provides information on both cultures and samples of the work done.

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