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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza
Textiles Tarabuco

Jhonny Dávalos, Verónica Cereceda, Gabriel Martínez Textiles Tarabuco
(Sucre: ASUR, 1992)
Illustr. – 130 pp.

This book is an approach to the textile work done by the Yampara people in the village of Tarabuco (Yamparáez province, Chuquisaca department). Besides being famous for the pujllay festival or Carnival of Tarabuco (where locals and visitors can listen to the huge senqatanqanas), the Yampara are also well known by their beautiful handmade weavings. The authors describe both the making process and the meaning of the different patterns used on the textiles. Likewise, they provide additional information on the geographical context and the history of the Yampara, including interesting details on their celebrations and the role played by garments in them.

The book offers a very particular analysis of the culture through its textiles, which, across the Andes, contribute to the identity of their owners and are used at a certain time for a certain purpose.

“Textiles Tarabuco” was published by the association known as ASUR, “Antropólogos del Surandino” of Sucre (Bolivia), an organization that develops cultural and educational programs on and between ethnical groups such as the Jalq’a, Tarabuco, Calcha and Tinquipaya, plus publishing materials on textiles, ethnohistory and ethnology.

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