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Andean pictures
    Land of winds > Pictures > Pictures | Issue 08 (Nov.-Dec. 2011)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Quechua communities of Bolivia

Andean pictures

The Quechua-speaking communities of Bolivia provide some of the most spectacular images of the country’s Andean region, including traditional weavings, large flutes, various types of charango (a small strummed, metal string instrument), adobe hamlets and small villages covered with ochre-coloured tiles, mountain trails, hidden routes, snow-capped peaks, agricultural terraces and, most of all, the skilful people who weave the cloth to wear, make these instruments sound and give live to the scenery.

The pictures gallery “South American review - Bolivia”, by Flickr user The Black Azar, offers a series of snapshots of Bolivia, including several taken in the village of Tarabuco during the pujllay celebration.

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