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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza



Also known as “zapateo” or “salay”, the salaque is a dance native to the valleys of the Potosí, Cochabamba and Chuquisaca departments. It is danced to the sound of huaynos, where the charango strummed by men alternates with coplas generally sung in Quechua language by women.

It is a courtship dance where men attract their partners’ attention stamping their feet (zapateo). Its name derives from the word usually repeated through the huaynos that accompany the dance.

Salaque, in Sociedad Cultural Tradiciones Bolivianas [es].

Picture 01. Salaque.

Video 01. “Salaque”, por Norte Potosí.
Video 02. “Severina”, by Yara.
Video 03. “Salaque”, by Zulma Yugar.
Video 04. “Viday”, by Orlando Pozo y el grupo Pujllay.
Video 05. “K’ory canastita”, by Sin Límites.
Video 06. “Mi charango”, by Alejandro Cámara y el grupo Semilla.
Video 07. “Salaque tradicional”, by Andes de Bolivia.

Picture A.

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