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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Conjunto Autóctono Sikuris Mallkus de Taypi Ayca

Native to the Aymara community of Taypi Ayca (Italaque, province Camacho, department of La Paz), the members of Conjunto Autóctono "Sikuris Mallkus" are one of the most visible names and faces among the numerous groups of sikureadas (panpipes players) playing the famous regional style known as "sikuri de Italaque", which, according to tradition, was born at this very same place.

The tropa of sikus de Italaque comprises three sizes of panpipes (sanka, malta and chuli) tuned in parallel eights. Each instrument has a complementary row of open-ended pipes half the length of the front row, which works as resonator and changes the quality of the sound. The ensemble is accompanied by huge bombos (drums) and can be heard at the Virgin of Carmen Festival on July 16th.

"Sikuris Mallkus" have taken part in a lot of regional festivals and have launched an album ("Conjunto Autóctono Sikuris Mallkus", Discolandia, 2008) including compositions of their own in both huayno and pasacalle rhythms performed in traditional style: the ancient haunting sound of the panpipes, the roar of the huge bombos and the howling sound of the cow horn or pututu.

Video 01. "Suma sikuri", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 02. "Qhamana pampa", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 03. "Poncho negro", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 04. "Jalsu pampa", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 05. "Chiji pampa", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 06. "Chacana", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 07. "Atun punquito", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.
Video 08. "Choque chuyma", by Sikuris Taypi Ayka.

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