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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Jach'a uru

(Mario P. Gutiérrez. On "Música de Bolivia", Ukamau, 1992)

This is a huayno-sikuri sung in Aymara, which was composed by Mario P. Gutiérrez, founder and director of the group Ruphay. The title refers to that “big day” when indigenous societies will gain their freedom and see the end of their sufferings and misfortunes. Some sources state that the lyrics would derive from a quote written down in Felipe Guamán Poma de Ayala’s "Primer Nueva Corónica y Buen Gobierno" (1615). However, not such reference has been found on the pages of the famous illustrated chronicle; and the authorship of the composition is attributed to Gutiérrez.

The song has been used as an anthem by many indigenous movements in Bolivia.

    Ukha jach'a uru jutaskiway.
    Amuyasipxañani, jutaskiway.

    Taspacha llakinakasti,
    Amuyasipxañani, tukusiniw.

    Tatanas mamanaka,
    ukha jach'a uru jutaskiway.
    Tatanas mamanaka,
    amuyasipxañani, tukusiniw.

    [That big day is coming.
    We wake up, is coming.

    Poverty and woes,
    we wake up, will end.

    Fathers and mothers,
    that big day is coming.
    Fathers and mothers,
    we wake up, is coming].

Link CD "Música de Bolivia" [].

Video 01. "Jach'a uru", by Ruphay (live).

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