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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Sikuri de Italaque

Sikuri de Italaque

The sikuri de Italaque is, like the jula julas, one of the many different sikuri styles that have their roots in the high plateau region of Bolivia.

The term"sikuri" refers to the player of any of the many variants of siku or zampoña (panpipe) and, by extension, to the whole group or tropa of panpipe players and also to their characteristic way of playing together accompanied by drums different rhythms such as huaynos and pasacalles.

In addition, the composition of musical works to be played by a group of sikuris has brought about the appearance of a "rhytm", also known as "sikuri", played in urban areas mostly, and where aerophones and membranophones are joined by stringed instruments.

The sikuri de Italaque first appeared in the community of Taypi Ayca (Italaque, province of Camacho, departament of La Paz). Distinguishing characteristics of this style are, on the one hand, its beginning sequence which includes the beats of drums and a low pitched note that announces the beginning of the song and, on the other, a passage that alternates two notes at the beginning and at the end.

It is a slow and ceremonial style easily recognized by the old traditional patterns according to which the music is performed.

The sikus de Italaque (the aerophones used to play this style) comprise three sizes of zampoñas (sankas, maltas and chulis) tuned in parallel octaves and played in halves. Each "half" has an additional row of pipes open at both ends and of the same length of the pipes forming the main row, which work as resonators. They are accompnaied by huge bombos k'antu, wankar or italaques (drums) and by the pututu or horn.

Video 01. "Sikuri de Italaque", by Comunidad Markasata.
Video 02. "Q'ala chuyma", by Central Huyu Huyu.
Video 03. "Q'apa Imilla", by Central Huyu Huyu.
Video 04. "Sikuri de Italaque", by Comunidad de Sikuris Jacha Marka.
Video 05. "Sikuri de Italaque", at Festival Taypi Chinaya 2009.

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