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Conjunto Aflaiai

Conjunto Aflaiai

The Mapuche music and dance group Aflaiai (in Mapudungu, "eternal") appeared in 1982 under the guidance of Sofía Painequeo Trancolao, a self-taught artist and the group's soloist. Formed by 14 people, all of them Mapuche natives, the group has devoted themselves to recovering, performing and spreading their people's music, dance, singing and poetry.

Their first album, "Newentu Amul-laiñ taiñ Kimn, Kataiñ Rakidhuam", was launched in 1998. Three years later it was followed by "Chemu am Mapuche pigeiñ" (in Mapudungu, "Why do we call ourselves Mapuche?"), which served as the soundtrack for the documentary film under the same name. Both works feature traditional instruments such as the trutruka, the kultrun, the pifilka, the kaskawilla, the wada, the trompe and the kullkull; include traditional rhythms such as the longkomew; and are sung in Mapudungu. However, the former is much more traditional than the latter including songs that accompany specific dances ("Mewolen Prhun", "Mazartun Prhun", "Trhegl Prhun" y "Kollong Prhun") and choral tracks ("Trhafgia Peuman", "Furhelawen" y "Amun Lafken"). On "Chemu am Mapuche pigeiñ" it is worth mentioning such hypnotic tracks as "Pewenche kultxugtun" (three minutes on kultrun and trompe), "Kull" (a dialogue between two kullkull) and "Txutxukatun" (a trutruka solo), as well as rogations or solemn prayers to the accompaniment of pifilkas and kultrun like "Ngellipun", and also a capella songs like "Naporh Korhg" (to the accompaniment of a single trompe).

Link CD "Chemu am Mapuche pingeiñ" [].

Video 01. "Chemu am Mapuche pigeiñ".

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