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    Land of winds > Online > Resources | Issue 10 (May.-Jun.2012)
    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Mapuche communities in Chile and Argentina

Ser Indígena
"Ser Indígena" defines itself as a "portal to the native cultures of Chile". It is a project established by the Chilean NGO "Comunidad Ser Indígena" whose aim is to spread, share and organize general information on different Chilean indigenous societies. The "Territorio Mapuche" section covers the history of this people, their social structures, language, believes and religious ceremonies, art (music, literature, textile, gold/silver work and ceramics), gastronomy, housing, sports and medicine. This site also provides links to an interesting set of online resources.

Ñuke Mapu – Centro de Documentación Mapuche
Appeared in 1996 as a research program of the Sociology Department of the University of Uppsala (Sweden), the Documentation Project "Ñuke Mapu" (in Mapudungu, "Mother Land"), it has now become an independent publication which documents the Mapuche people's historical trajectory and present-day concerns. The most effective means of communication to achieve their goal is the Centro de Documentación Mapuche's webpage, which offers updated news, analysis and academic texts under different sections. One of them is called "Libros" ("Books") and provides documents both in English and in Spanish available as free downloadable content (p.e. "Música mapuche actual – Recuperación cultural, resistencia, identidad" by Ernesto Sepúlveda Montiel).

La Primera Música
"La Primera Música" is a set of six documentaries recorded in 2012 in Chile and conducted by Horacio Salinas, Inti-Illimani's musical director. The series features the music of the native peoples of Chile, including the Huilliche, the Lafkenche and the Pehuenche, all of them Mapuche groups. This is a valuable work that will introduce the watcher to the present social reality of the indigenous communities as well as to their different musical expressions, ranging from the oldest and purest patterns to the modern and much mixed ones.

Memoria Chilena
This is a cultural portal that promotes Chilean history and arts while offering existing researches and documents related to the topic. It works like an online library, which allows access to materials from the National Library and other institutions within the DIBAM (Libraries, Archives and Museums Direction by its abbreviation in Spanish), such as books, photographs, maps, illustrations, audio records... The website also provides thematic pages on the Mapuche, digitalized books like "Arte de la Lengua General del Reyno de Chile" by Febres, academic articles, pretty photographs (like the one portraying a Mapuche caquekultrun) and audio archives with instrumental Mapuche music.

Folil Mapudungun
This is a teaching-learning method to learn Mapuche language (Mapudungu) designed by a group of Mapuche and non-Mapuche teachers from Concepción (Chile). It consists of nine units that include a collection of meaningful and purposeful dialogues under different topics with audio.

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