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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Cacharpaya del Carnaval

(Popular folk song. On "Raza brava", Illapu, 1977)

The cacharpayas (from Quechua kacharpaya or kacharpari, "farewell") are the songs that put an end to the Carnival throughout the Andes. As suggested by its name, they are truly "farewells" and are the last songs to be performed before the celebration is over. The sad mood of these songs is portrayed through the lyrics, which also awake the hope that the joy will wipe away the tears in a year's time.

"Cacharpaya del Carnaval" was included on Illapu's fourth album (which also features another track related to Carnival titled "Agonía del Carnaval"). The song was taken from the popular repertoire of the Chilean Big North (Spanish, "Norte Grande de Chile"). The track features a stunning sikura (sikureada) which depicts some "young men" threaten with not coming back to their village until "another festival" is celebrated. Illapu's version displays their excellent musical know-how including a section with the backing of two mohoseños. The outcome is a classic theme of the Chilean folkloric music.

    Estos muchachos se van, se van
    para no volver jamás, jamás,

    [These young men are leaving, are leaving
    to never return, never,
    palomitay [my little dove].]

    Para que vuelvan algún día
    tendrán que hacer otra fiesta,

    [For them to return someday
    will have to celebrate another festival,

    Estos muchachos se van, se van
    para no volver jamás, jamás,
    a este pueblo tan querido,
    a este pueblo tan querido.

    [These young men are leaving, are leaving,
    to never return, never
    to this dear village,
    to this dear village.]

Link CD "Raza brava" [].

Video 01. "Cacharpaya del Carnaval", by Illapu.
Video 02. "Cacharpaya del Carnaval", by Illapu (live, in Germany, 1982).
Video 02. "Cacharpaya del Carnaval", by Illapu (live, 1988).

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