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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza
Diablos tentadores y pinkillus embriagadores

Arnaud Gérard A. (ed.)
Diablos tentadores y pinkillus embriagadores en la fiesta de Anata/Phujllay: Estudios de antropología musical del carnaval de los Andes de Bolivia
(La Paz: Plural Editores / FAUTAPO, 2010)
Illustr. – 302 + 358 pp.

"Diablos tentadores..." ("Tempting devils...") is a collection of writings that describe the role played by musical instruments within the context of the Carnival in the Andes, especially in Bolivian territory. Through a dozen articles arranged in two volumes and an interactive CD, written by specialists in Musicology and Anthropology using an accessible, familiar language, it is analyzed the function of the tarkas and pinkillos as leading characters in the celebrations known as Carnestolendas of Bolivia.

Works are ordered in three sections. The first one is dedicated to the sound of the tarka, almost unique in its kind. The second part portrays the "devils" (saqra) of the Carnival, as well as other mythical creatures like the Sereno, for whom these flutes are blown. Finally, the last section includes detailed ethnographic studies of the different places where the tarkas and pinkillos are executed, such as Curaguara de Carangas (Oruro, Bolivia), San Pedro de Curahuara (La Paz, Bolivia) and the Quebrada de Humahuaca (Jujuy, Argentina).

"Diablo tentadores..." offers and academic approach to the universe of the music of Carnival as well as to the many traditions, customs, myths and legends that underlie those rhythms.

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