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Lira Paucina

Lira Paucina

Consisting of Jacinto and Julio Pebe (Pausa), Mateo Hermosa (Cusco) and Luis Nakayama Acuña (the "chino" Acuña, Apurímac), the band Lira Paucina (from Pausa, district in the province of Páucar del Sara Sara, department of Ayacucho, Peru) first appeared in January 1950.

As a string quartet they played together traditional rhythms from the Peruvian Sierra Central, such as yaravíes, huaylarsh, huayllachadas, huaynos, danzas de las tijeras..., showing a respectful attitude and holding true to the original traits of the Andean music and singing of Peru, which they sung in Quechua and executed on the charango and guitar.

Two years later, the 19-year-old charango-player Jaime Guardia Neyra joined the original line-up. Guardia brought a deep knowledge of the Andean folklore and his skilful expertise on the Peruvian variant of this chordophone, which, in time, turned him into one of the South America's best charango players. In 1959 Hermosa and Julio Pebe left the band.

During the 50s, Lira Paucina won numerous awards and widespread acclaim for its work, which was presented in some of the most important venues in Peru and abroad. The band's discography includes LPs "Lira Paucina" and "Ayacuchomanta", followed by "Jardín Paucino", "Lo mejor de la Lira Paucina", "Dulce despertar" and "La inmortal Lira Paucina".

In the 60s, besides touring and achieving greater recognition, they collaborated with the Peruvian writer José María Arguedas, who at that moment worked as the chief the Folklore Section of the Peruvian Ministry of Education, on the recovery of musical expressions from Ayacucho, Cusco and Huancavelica.

Two decades later, Jaime Guardia developed his own career as soloist. Pebe and Acuña both died at the turn of the century and Guardia was now left in charge of continuing the labour of spreading the sounds of the Sierra.

Lira Paucina is regarded as one of the most prominent bands in the Peruvian scene. Their members composed hundreds of songs, while recovering from obscurity and preserving from oblivion as many, especially those related to the Carnival celebrations.

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Video 01. "Parihuanita – Flor de margarita – Me tomaron prisionero".
Video 02. "Madrecita linda", by Jaime Guardia.
Video 03. "La oscuridad de la noche", by Jaime Guardia (with Margot Palomino).

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