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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Luna Jujeña

Luna Jujeña

Luna Jujeña came to light in San Salvador de Jujuy (province of Jujuy, Argentina) in 1999, bringing together six lovers of their homeland music. After several performances, in 2005 the group recorded its first CD "Colores del Carnaval", featuring their own Carnival themes (inspired in the Carnival of Humahuaca) as well as traditional rhythms from north-western Argentina (cueca, zamba, bailecito, gato). With a joyful sound and wonderful musical arrangements, the album launched the group into fame and took them on a tour performing in folk festivals all over the country.

Later the group turned into a quartet and in 2009 released their second album "Luna jujeña", where they continue to explore the development of their own music style within Argentine folk genres like carnavalitos, bailecitos and chacareras (as happens with other contemporary groups such as Los Nocheros, Los Tekis or Los Izkierdos de la Cueva).

At present the group consists of three members and has a new album out called "Todos". The band keeps on breaking new ground without abandoning tradition.

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Video 01. "Carnavalitos".
Video 02. "Si las solteras se acaban".
Video 03. "Colores del Carnaval".
Video 04. "Sumajkay".
Video 05. "Anateada carnavalera" (en vivo).

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