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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Andean Carnival

Andean Carnival

Carnival celebrations take place everywhere across the Andes. Some of them are better known and more popular than others, but every single one, even the smallest festival, treasures true pieces of history and art.

The Picassa album "Carnaval en la Puna", by user Néstor Troncoso, includes pictures of the 2010 Carnival celebrated in the town of San Antonio de los Cobres (located in the Altiplano region of north-western Argentina, province of Salta, at 4000 m above sea level). Some of these pictures show cajas (a type of drum, some of which have a plastic drumhead), faces dirty with flour, traditional attires (including famous red and black ponchos from Salta), the erkencho or horn clarinet, and the popular devil masks.

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