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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Pandilla puneña

Pandilla puneña

This is a mestizo dance (a mixture of Amerindian and European) first appeared in Puno (department of Puno, south of Peru) at the beginning of the 20th century, which is usually performed at Carnival alongside the national dance of Peru, the marinera.

It is a charming, lilting dance, where pairs of dancers combine different types of movements and figures holding a handkerchief in their hands. Women weave their hair in two plaits and wear long sleeved embroidered white blouses, traditional polleras (wide skirts reaching to the knees or slightly above), luxurious shawls in pastel shades covering the back and the chest, black mushroom-style felt hats and mid-calf white boots. Men’s clothing consists of jacket and trousers of suit, white shirt, dark borsalino hat and a colourful shawl over the shoulder.

The pandilla is danced to the music of the "huayno pandillero", slow huayno-like style similar to the one typically played in La Paz (Bolivia). The music is usually performed by an "estudiantina", local ensemble mainly featuring guitars, guitarrones and mandolins, sometimes accompanied by charangos, violins, double bass, accordions, trumpets, trombones and/or saxos.

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Picture 01. Pandilla puneña dancers 01.
Picture 02. Pandilla puneña dancers 02.

Video 01. "Huayno pandillero", by Mensajeros del Altiplano.
Video 02. "Huaynos pandilleros" by Lira Puno.
Video 03. "Recuerdos (Pandilla puneña)", by Grupo Umata.
Video 04. "Mix de pandillas puneñas", by Los Ch'ayas de Usicayos.

Picture A.

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