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    By Edgardo Civallero | Sara Plaza

Alfonso Zabala Pinedo

Alfonso Zabala Pinedo

Born in 1970 in Coroico (department of La Paz, Bolivia), in the bosom of a community of Afro-descendants from the yungas (warm valleys) situated to the north and east of Cochabamba and La Paz, Zabala made the decision to emigrate to the capital city in 1983 looking for a better opportunity. He took his first music lessons at the National Academy of Police and at the Bolivian Air Force. Since 1993 he has been part of different brass bands, such as Poopó de Oruro, Mejillones, Super Rebeldes and Unión Magistral. In 1997, with the support received by the Fraternidad "Proyección Rebeldes" of Villa Dolores, Zabala founded his own band, "Espectacular Paceñísima Proyección Murillo", which became one of the official bands to accompany the Morenada "Los Fanáticos" (a dance ensemble).

His participation in several folkloric groups of La Paz led him to compose morenadas, "sayas" and huaynos, the most appreciated rhythms during the festivals held in the capital. Curiously enough, he never set himself to the task of recovering his own cultural tradition, but chose to remain part of the select club of creators of commercial Bolivian music.

Alfonso Zabala died in 2011, leaving behind half a hundred compositions that have a place in the popular music repertoire of Bolivia: "Chuquiago Marka", "Huaycheña", "Bailando morenada", "Con qué derecho...", "Esclavo de amor" or "Korihuaynas" are some of them.

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Video 01. "Homenaje a Alfonso Zabala Pinedo", by Proyección Murillo.
Video 02. "Chismes" (A. Z. Pinedo's morenada), by Hiru Hicho.
Video 03. "Con qué derecho / Ni kamachaña" (A. Z. Pinedo's morenada), by Miguel Orias y los Ilegales.
Video 04. "Esclavo de amor" (A. Z. Pinedo's morenada), by Llajtaymanta.
Video 05. "Nidito de amor" (A. Z. Pinedo's morenada), by Wiñay.
Video 06. "Sirenita" (A. Z. Pinedo's morenada), by Fusión Andes.

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