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Hiru Hicho

Hiru Hicho

Hiru Hicho (from Quechua iru ichu, "paja brava", Panicum prionitis) is probably one of the best examples of morenada composition in today's folkloric and commercial music scene of Bolivia.

Appeared in March 1984, the group started collecting and performing music with indigenous roots from their homeland. Toward the late 80s, however, the band made an incursion into "mestizo" and "urban" music, especially the morenada (at that time widely radio-broadcasted and gaining notoriety at folkloric parades), which turned to be a much better sales opportunity and brought them further success. Ever since the band's name has become synonymous with the rhythm.

In addition to writing compositions for their albums and (inter)national touring, Hiru Hicho also composes the songs that will be performed by the most important fraternidades (brotherhoods, fraternities) and comparsas (krewes), groups of people that come together and organize processions, parades, street dances during the Carnival and other periods of festivity, what is a very lucrative occupation.

Hitherto, the group has released "Alturas / Markaslaycu markanacasataqui" (1991), "Jach'a achachila" (1993), "Bolivia" (1995), "De colección" (1999), "Los sonidos de nuestra identidad" (2000), "Carnaval chucuta" (2007), "Las mejores morenadas de Bolivia" (2007), "Rumbo al cuarto siglo" (2008), "Dejando huellas – Desde el más profundo sentimiento de la morenada" (2009), "Tributo a la Fiesta Mayor de los Andes" (2010) and "Los mejores ch'utas de Bolivia" (2012). With this last album Hiru Hicho explores another popular Bolivian rhythm, the ch'uta.

The present-day line-up consists of brothers Róger, Franklin, Víctor and Elmer Soria, Saúl Vino, Marcelino Calle and Javier Chura.

Link CD "Las mejores morenadas de Bolivia" [].

Video 01. "Vida y salud" (morenada).
Video 02. "Ojalá" (morenada).
Video 03. "Transportista soy" (morenada).
Video 04. "Chismes" (morenada).
Video 05. "Tercera edad" (morenada).
Video 06. "Hilos de plata" (morenada).
Video 07. "Cholita linda" (morenada).
Video 07. "Solo por un amor" (morenada).

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